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EasyAgores is an ecommerce business in Greece selling unique and clever products


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EasyAgores has managed to establish a loyal customer base of 60.000+ people in under a year of presence in the Greek market.

When the owners of EasyAgores wanted to expand their channels (move away of Facebook ads) they realised that a new website along with a proper marketing strategy could help them scale.

EasyAgores had a goal of expanding their reach via social media, SEO, inbound marketing and Google ads.


Despite the fact that the profit margins were very low we decided to take care of the core before doing any campaign on organic or paid channels.

So the 1st step was to create a unique, modern and effective website with high quality photos and direct-to-consumer sale copies as product descriptions. An action that could actually build authority and stronger relationships with the customers.

Secondly we took care of every funnel aspect that could help grow the revenue and increase the AOV. Bundles, Upsells, Cart Abandonment notifications to name a few. 

Thirdly we started Google Ads: we created specific campaigns towards some products that had high search volume and low competition on the Google Search Network. We also implemented Google Shopping campaigns. Being careful and iterating the ad copies we managed to have a 5X ROAS with an average CPA of 4€. 

Next was email marketing: We built 7 different flows in order to maximise the revenue coming from the subscriber list (15k people!). Also we designed unique templates for the weekly email campaigns. Through constant A/B testing we managed to increase the email revenue percentage from 2% to 13%.

Last but not least is SEO: we did a full keyword research for every product. Prioritised the products with high profit margins and high search volume and optimised the product descriptions, alt texts, meta descriptions with proper keyword-focused copies.


Bundles proved to be working like a charm and of course increase the AOV as seen in the screenshot below:


Google Ads seems to be working perfectly for some products. We are always testing new products and scaling the profitable ones.

Email Marketing seems to be increasing the revenue by a lot each month! Especially by optimising the flows, this is a gold mine!

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