Maximize your sales with a 200+ points Ecommerce Checklist (with examples)

The eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Checklist is a collection of 200+ checkpoints that will help you resolve issues on your ecommerce website and will skyrocket your sales.




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89% of brands saw at least x2 increase in conversion rate

Ecommerce Checklist 1

Here's what's inside the eCommerce CRO Checklist

Here's what's inside the
eCommerce CRO Checklist

200+ conversion checkpoints with examples that show you exactly how you should design and implement every aspect of your website.

Checklists for 7 eCommerce Pages

Included in each page there are detailed conversion checkpoints for every page that you should optimize. Check the pages included below:

8 different columns for each point

Each checkpoint has it’s own attributes like example links with screenshots, a condition status that will help you prioritize it accordingly based on the cost and difficulty.

Ecommerce Checklist 2

Examples with Screenshots

Almost every checkpoint contains screenshots to show you how you are meant to fix an issue or design an element. Below is an example we give for top bar offers:

Ecommerce Checklist 3

Hustling hard trying to do all the ‘right things’
in order to get more sales but not seeing
the results you’d hoped for…

See, if you’re like most eCommerce owners and marketers trying to make more sales online, you’re probably…

Just to name a few…

Ecommerce Checklist 4


The eCommerce Conversion Rate
Optimization Checklist

A complete & comprehensive list of more than 200 checkpoints that will help you optimize your eCommerce Website no matter which platform you use, specifically designed for people that struggle making sales online due to a bad website that can’t convert visitors into customers.

4.9/5 based on 126 Reviews

Ecommerce Checklist 5

Take a look inside:

4.9/5 based on 126 Reviews

Ecommerce Checklist 5


Here's why you need this checklist

Boost Conversion Rates

Convert more visitors into paying customers, gaining more money for the same ad spend.

Improve User Experience

Enhance the look and feel of your website, providing visitors with a seamless and enjoyable browsing experience.

Increase AOV

Encourage customers to add more items to their cart and increase your overall revenue per transaction.

Reduce Marketing Costs

Decrease your marketing costs, generating more sales from your existing traffic without having to spend extra on advertising.

Gain Loyal Customers

Encourage your customers to recommend your store to others, helping you build a strong customer base.

Stay Ahead of Competitors

Ensure your website stands out in the market by implementing cutting-edge strategies and best practices

4.9/5 based on 126 Reviews

Ecommerce Checklist 5
Ecommerce Checklist 8

The eCommerce Checklist is for you if you…

4.9/5 based on 126 Reviews

Ecommerce Checklist 5

We know it hurts not seeing results

At WEDOHYPE, we have been creating websites and eCommerce stores for the past 10 years and we sureas hell know what is working and what’s not.

We have built and audited 100s eCommerce websites for small and large brands, fixing everything from a simple homepage down to the whole Customer Journey funnel.
And we’ve noted down every single piece of information on every page that has had an impact
on sales and revenue for these stores.

Here are the 4 biggest mistakes we’ve seen

The checklist will give you actionable steps that will help you

4.9/5 based on 126 Reviews

Ecommerce Checklist 5

What makes us different?

We provide you a Notion & Google Spreadsheet file, organized by page

By purchasing this checklist you will receive a Notion and Google Sheet file with all the actionable checkpoint items. These files will be forever available for you without any other charges.

Ecommerce Checklist 11

No matter where you are, you will have access to the list 24/7 (in just one click)

The file will autosave your progress and can be instantly accessed from everywhere in the world. Just make sure you have an active internet connection.

Ecommerce Checklist 12

Get the secrets from a talented team of 7 designers and developers

Our checklist offers industry-tested strategies and best practices to optimize your website's design, user interface, and overall performance, based on years of experience and proven results.

Ecommerce Checklist 13

Use it with any CMS, regardless of your platform, industry or experience


Start Optimizing your Website TODAY!

eCommerce Checklist

An all-inclusive Notion & Google Sheet list



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Upon your payment, you will receive your 2 files in your inbox right away.

Still not convinced?
Check what people have said about the Checklist

The eCommerce Checklist has literally everything that a marketer needs to apply in order to optimize their store. From general points to very specific needs that I’ve never seen anyone mention. After applying these fixes I saw an amazing uplift to my conversion rate from 0.59% to 2.1%! This improvement has not only skyrocketed our sales but has also provided our customers with an amazing experience that makes them keep coming back. Thanks Andreas for this checklist!

Ecommerce Checklist 16

George Forstal

eCommerce Brand Owner

Ecommerce Checklist 17

Being in eCommerce for the past 10 years this Notion checklist contains everything you need to apply from A to Z. The value of this document is beyond any price. As an expert these tactics have helped my brand scale my revenue and profit which is the most important part when it comes to eCommerce. I wish I had this checklist when I first started. 10/10 recommendation by me. 

Ecommerce Checklist 18

Steve Alas

eCommerce Marketer & Web Specialist

Ecommerce Checklist 17

I just started building my store and thank god I ran into this checklist! As a total beginner I don’t think I could get all this knowledge in one place. I’m not an expert so the examples have really helped me understand which things I should fix and how to properly structure my store. Andreas and his team have been really helpful and also handed me some SOPs for free to help me hire a web developer to help me build my store properly. A must-have for all eCommerce beginners! 

Ecommerce Checklist 20

Tina Ross

Copywriter & Owner of a Small eCommerce Brand

Ecommerce Checklist 17

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The checklist is available in 2 formats: Notion and Google Sheets. You will have free lifetime access to both of them. Immediately after you pay we will send you the links.

Our checklist is available as a one-time purchase. Once you buy it, you will have lifetime access to the checklist and any future updates or improvements we make.

No. The checkpoints are explained so they are easily understood and can be given to any professional in order to fix the issues.

No. All checkpoints apply to every eCommerce platform including WooCommerce, OpenCart, Magento etc.

The time it takes to see results may vary depending on your specific website and the improvements you make. However, many users have reported seeing significant improvements in their conversion rates within a few weeks of implementing our checklist.

Yes! We have included over 200 points that not only apply to big stores but to smaller ones as well that begin now.

Yes you can! You can use it as a template for your clients.

We’re here to help! If you have any questions or need support while using our checklist, our dedicated customer support team is just an email away. We strive to provide timely and helpful assistance to ensure your success in optimizing your eCommerce website.

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