Inbound Marketing Agency Service

We offer a complete and done-for-you inbound marketing service where we plan & implement the production of high-quality content and ads that drives targeted traffic and increase your sales.

What Your Company Gets

  • A complete content marketing plan
    Benefit: It’s so usual nowadays that companies just write  articles and share them on social media. Our approach is different. We create a complete content strategy for you (start to finish) and execute it.
  • SEO researched content ideas that attract your target customers
    Benefit: Qualified traffic instead of un-targeted traffic.
  • High quality content blog posts for you each month
    Benefit: All the articles include at least 1.500 words and keep the on page SEO rules. Visual assets included.
  • Complete promotion to relevant channels
    Benefit: We’re talking about increasing traffic and attracting relevant visitors aside from link building, not just a few tweets.
  • Unlimited Paid Marketing campaigns implementation to expand your sales globally.
  • Landing Pages with high-quality copy and design. 
    Benefit: You get our 10-year expertise on Funnels that have generated lots of $ for our clients.
  • Implementation of conversion infrastructure to convert traffic into leads
    Benefit: You get a daily list of MQL (Marketing Qualified Leads) & SQL (Sales Qualified Leads) and pass it over to your sales team.
  • Monthly report of traffic, leads and sales results
    Benefit: Know what each $ gives you back and how well your traffic & Google rankings are going.

Note: If you’re looking for a content marketing service that only creates content but not responsible for the results that follow, we’re not your best fit.

You Need Us If You:

  • Need to establish a solid content marketing process
  • Understand Content Marketing/SEO & Paid Marketing but don’t have a team to execute
  • Need to improve your SEO/PPC strategy and invest on increasing your traffic
  • Need a daily list of warm leads for your sales team

The Process

  • Use the form below to inform us about your goals
  • Our account manager will have a 30′ call with you to talk about a detailed plan
  • We map out the overall strategy for the next 6 months and present it to you
  • Our copywriting team gathers data, crafts the content calendar and begins writing your content while our developers construct your high-converting funnel
  • We promote your content in industry specific (niche) channels and drive quality traffic to your website while building high authority backlinks
  • We implement lead magnets (landing pages, quizzes, content upgrades, guides etc.) and lead capturing mechanisms 
  • Leads are stored automatically to your CRM (Hubspot, Pardot, Mailchimp or even a spreadsheet) and are available for email nurturing or direct selling from your sales team

ROI and Pricing
Below we analyse our pricing strategy and explain why it’s suitable for you:

  1. Affordable: Imagine having to pay a SEO marketer for your keyword research, an analyst for competition analysis, a copywriter for writing your blog posts, a designer for banners and visual assets and a marketer to promote your content and report you the results. Imagine now that you have to pay, communicate and plan the schedule and deliverables with all 5 of them. Sounds like a non-productive process. We are way more affordable than this.
  2. Better Results: Our experience in the inbound marketing process gives us the advantage of knowing exactly how to achieve your goals and increase your leads.
  3. Goal Oriented: We like to be judged based upon the numbers. This means that our main goal is increasing 2 things: Traffic & Sales/Leads. As a result we never produce low-quality content or high level fluff articles just to show we’re working — never, ever.
  4. Experienced Team: Gathering a team of marketers isn’t easy. You trust us because we already have the process and the results prove it. Read our case studies here.
  5. Committed to Success: Our past experience has shown that results take time. This is why we need at least 6 months ahead to start seeing real results. This by no means requires a contract. You buy the process and can let go whenever. 

Our price includes the complete management of your company blog and partial web property access. You receive: monthly high quality articles, implementation of conversion plan to help you capture leads from content,  traffic reports (paid and organic) and a list of leads.

To apply, please fill out the following form.

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