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A high-converting Landing page for AAHF


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AAHF encompasses a variety of specialist programs for guiding health and fitness professionals in creating a niche, working with special populations. It is basically selling fitness courses to professionals who want to advance their training.

Apart from selling online courses, AAHF needed a powerful way to gather leads and sell them via follow up emails. 


A simple, fast and high converting landing page for fitness professionals

The goal of a landing page is to catch the attention of visitors and give them full details on the product or info service they are about to get. And this was a free ebook. 

This landing page was used to capture emails and transfer them automatically to the CRM where follow up sales emails would be sent.

After 7+ years, we know how effective a landing page can be when it comes to increasing the conversion rate so we made sure they were filled with well-written direct response copies. Including the features and benefits of the ebook lead to a 6% conversion rate with a very low advertising cost (CPA).

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