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A high-converting and playful Landing page for Ellinopoula


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WHAT IS Ellinopoula

Ellinopoula is an innovative and unique e-learning platform designed for kids to learn Greek online and help both parents and teachers pass on Hellenism to the next generation.

Ellinopoula needed a clear and strong funnel in order to start capturing and measuring properly conversions aka signups. 

We had to fit in the information perfectly and in a meaningful way, insert the benefits & features of the app and present it in a simplistic way to prospective customers.


A simple, fast and high converting landing page for parents

The goal of a landing page is to catch the attention of visitors and give them full details on the product or info service they are about to purchase. 

We created a modern landing page in which we: 

  • Explained in a few sentences what the app is and why is it used
  • Outlined the USPs with unique visual icons
  • Detailed the benefits for parents
  • Showcased the platform via screenshots and videos so customers can have a small preview 
  • Explained why is it different from the competition
  • Listed the features explaining how the app works
  • Included real life testimonials from happy customers
  • Included more social proof from well-known publishers and tv channels

After 7+ years, we know how effective a landing page can be when it comes to increasing the conversion rate so we made sure they were filled with well-written direct response copies. Making it of course as optimised as we could possibly deliver for mobile view.

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