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The First Greek-French Kindergarten in Greece!


E.M.E.D.O.F. is the first Greek-French Kindergarten in Greece which has been operating since 1975.
They successfully undertake the quality experiential education of preschool children from 2.5 to 6 years old in a French-speaking environment.


One of our favorite portfolios! From the first moment we knew what the website should look like. 

We wanted the website to be designed with a youth perspective while being serious towards the parents. The aim was to make the parents feel comfortable while navigating the website and help them understand the values and services of the kindergarten.

Throughout colorful patterns and widgets we managed to precisely include all of the available information about the lessons and activities of the school. Lastly we took care of the registration form, which is used by parents to register their child.


I knew I could trust Andreas and his team from the first time we met! He made me feel comfortable that my vision of our website could be designed in a way that is playful yet serious. I was impressed and satisfied by the final result.


I am grateful!


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