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A unique and aesthetic design for Exelix


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Exelix is an at-home beauty brand that focuses on creating simple and safe solutions for beauty concerns that can be done from home. Exelix comes from the greek word “εξέλιξη – exelixi” which means “evolution”.

Exelix needed a unique approach to their audience, women aged 30+ in order to promote their products. 

The look and feel of the website should provide a pleasing and intuitive customer experience.


A simple, fast and high converting website for the ladies

The end result provides a very calm customer experience through an easy and high-converting journey. We chose simple and warm “earth” colours to visualise the simplicity of the beauty philosophy. 

We created a simple yet effective funnel to help Exelix increase sales paying a lot of attention to the product pages. We know how effective the product pages are when it comes to increasing the conversion rate so we made sure they were filled with well-written direct sales copies. Making it of course as optimised as we could possibly deliver for mobile view.

This fact coupled with Google’s move to a mobile-first (and soon to be mobile-only) index made this a no-brainer for delivering a solution that was scalable and sustainable.

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