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A money-making Landing page for GetFitLeads Fitness Course


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WHAT IS GetFitLeads

It is a step-by-step course that teaches fitness professionals how to start, grow and scale their businesses, specifically designed for people who have recently become qualified, new to the fitness business game or have been in it for a while but struggling to win over new clients.

We’re so proud of this project since it is a baby of WEDOHYPE. We saw a gap in the market and decided to roll out an all-inclusive fitness course and teach professionals how to grow their business.

We knew how landing pages can help increase course sales so we had all the tools and resources to market it properly.


A direct-response landing page to boost course sales!

What we had in mind when building the landing page was to inform the visitors about the exact program details. Beginning with content & visuals that answered what is it and who is targeted for and then continuing to the features & benefits and of course some real life results from past case studies.

Having a detailed weekly programme proved to help increase sales since it gives a nice detailed overview of the course and students know what to expect. 

Of course CTAs were not missing, driving visitors to buy the course within a few extra steps.

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