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A Complete Fashion Website for Luxmii


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Luxmii is an Australian based eco-luxury womenswear and lifestyle brand creating timeless essentials made sustainably from Oeko-tex certified premium European natural-only fibres.

Luxmii approaches women aged 30+ in order to sell their unique linen wear across Australia & New Zealand. 

Jamie, Luxmii’s owner, had a bad experience with her previous website which was not mobile-friendly and couldn’t handle traffic nor payments thus losing a large amount of sales each month. So it was obvious that Luxmii needed a new, simple yet powerful website that could provide a seamless experience and a pleasant customer journey in order to increase sales.


A simple, fast and high converting website for the ladies

We built the website on Shopify since we cared mostly about providing convenient management for the shop managers. By designing a tailor made design we assured a very calm customer experience through an easy and high-converting journey. 

We ensured that the products & collections are visible throughout the whole customer journey using AI recommendations. From the homepage until the Thank you page, there are recommendations in order to increase the AOV. High-quality images also helped assure the prospective customers that Luxmii provides very good products.

We also made sure that the mobile version of Luxmii is fast and does not confuse the customers, making it really easy to checkout with a few clicks. Remember that our audience are not millennials or Gen Z, it’s all about older ladies who are not so tech-savvy.

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