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Case Study 1: Grow a fitness blog from 0 to 16k users/month

Industry / Niche: Fitness Academy
What we did: SEO & PPC (Facebook & Google Ads)
Results: Started with 200 users/month and managed to increase to 16.000+ users/month while converting 37% to leads & customers. Increased the number of Organic Keywords from 40 to 2K+.

Ahrefs: Before

Ahrefs: Today

Case Study 2: Increased an Ecommerce revenue by 56%: €14K/m to €22k/m

Industry / Niche: Ecommerce
What we did: Website + CRO, SEO, Email Marketing & PPC (Google Ads) starting in September 2019.

Ecommerce Results:

Revenue: +55%
Transactions: +67%
Conversion Rate: +52%

SEO Results (Organic Traffic):

Revenue: +16%
Traffic from Google: +23%
Conversion Rate: +14%

PPC Results (Paid Traffic):

Revenue: €6k+
Total Spent: €660
ROI: 828.79% in 1 month!

Email Marketing:

Revenue: €1.500 in 2 weeks!
Total Email Sequences: 3

Selected Projects

We increased traffic from 100 per month to 15.000 per month with content that dominated Google’s search results boosting them with  proper promotion.


Landing Page & Ads

56% increase of Lead Generation by building a complete website and landing pages that were optimised for travellers.


Inbound Marketing

From 0 to 20.000 sessions per month resulting in a dramatic increase of leads.

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