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Dear Business Builder, welcome!

We’re Andreas, Thanasis & Sotiris, Founders here at WEDOHYPE.

We’re the trio that started this agency and we’re super stoked to see you here!

“Every business deserves numbers-driven marketing.”

Over the last 7 years, we’ve been helping businesses grow online (mostly from our bedrooms). We started small helping small and medium sized companies achieve their goals.

We hustled and got into calls every day to prove that the system we’ve built around inbound marketing is working.

Over time we would help more and more businesses from a broad spectrum of industries grow online.

During this time, we’ve created some awesome growth strategies and some pretty crazy results for fitness businesses, insurance companies, travel agencies, countless e-commerce brands and hotels!

But what we really fell in love with was seeing their revenue increase through our marketing strategies.

So we cut out any marketing effort that focused on vanity metrics like engagement, clicks, impressions and we only focused on 1: Return on Investment.

You might ask:

“How do you guys differ from other agencies?”

The answer is simple: Our difference from other agencies is that we do not deal with brand awareness at all, we do not have engagement or reach as KPI. We build a sales framework that is completely measurable and scalable and apply it to your business with the sole focus to increase your revenue.

Our KPI is $ales.

In fact, we’ve helped gyms and academies increase their website traffic (highly qualified website traffic btw) of up to a whopping 3000% and increase conversions (enrolments / memberships) of more than 12x and beyond.

We’ve also managed to double, sometimes triple sales of e-commerce brands within weeks of working together!

Long story short you can view our case studies here

Apart from marketing junkies we have a passion for traveling, dogs and movies (especially Star Wars & Spider-Man). 

Let us show you what we’re capable of…

So what are you waiting for… 😉

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Andreas Karavanas

Co-Founder & Head of SEO

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Thanasis Chrysovergis

Co-Founder & Head of Development

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Sotiris Pantazis

Co-Founder & Head of Performance

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Maria Athanasopoulou


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At WEDOHYPE we know that businesses struggle with their marketing & sales and need a proven and solid marketing team of experts to implement their goals.

Our agency has 7 digital marketing warriors whose sole focus is to generate revenue for your business.

We have sales copywriters, funnel builders, designers, coders, paid traffic specialists and SEO warriors…all of whom our agency puts at your disposal as a client.

Every member of our team knows that our end goal is not just to make you look better on social media. No…

Everyone knows that our goal is to bring money on your table. End of story.

In August 2021, we delivered one client a 1,855.20% return on their ad spend.

That means, for every €500 they invested into their custom sales funnel…

They generated €11,000.

A €10,500 return.

And here’s the proof:

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That’s what we work on for you.

We’re not a so-called ‘creative’ advertising agency that will build you a ‘cute’ or ‘funky’ campaign that looks cool but delivers no tangible results.

There’s no smoke and mirrors in how we grow your business.

Just measurable results and ROI.

If you think you’re ready to schedule a call with us, you can do that here.

See you on the other side!

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Andreas Karavanas WEDOHYPE Owner


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Tammy P.

Marketing Director at AAHF

I don’t know what would happen if I hadn't found you guys. I’m not sure if we would be in business right now. Over the past years there have been a lot of sleepless nights and terrible meetings in order to clear things up but we haven’t had this with you cause you’re so pleasant to work with. Even when I’ve been nervous about making changes you answered my questions, you listened and you’ve never made me feel bad for asking questions over and over again and I know that I have.

Washington DC, USA

Seongok L.

Owner of LUXMII

I thought my business was about to close due to technical difficulties I used to have with the old website. Gladly Andreas & Thanasis helped me re-design my website in a more meaningful and simplistic way both for me and my customers. I have seen incredible results over the past 5 months that we launched. I just hope I met them earlier.

Cairns, Australia

Peter S.

CEO of Ellinopoula

We were losing conversions and we didn’t know why. Thankfully WEDOHYPE team explained to us the benefits of building a landing page and running ads to it. We immediately saw positive results and signups started coming in! We are now totally aligned with our business goals and can secure lower advertising costs leading to growth.

New York, USA

George K.

Managing Director of Achaiki Pita

I knew that Andreas and his team could deliver an amazing website for my business. He doesn’t just care to “create a website” rather than deliver an excellent experience and a very helpful service.

Athens, Greece
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