Our pages help consumers understand who you are, what you sell, how it helps them and why you’re the best option on the market. This helps you acquire customers at a higher conversion rate, lower CPA, and better ROAS.

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89% of companies see at least x2 increase in conversion rate.

Our Journey:


01. Pick your package

Choose the package that fits your needs and complete your checkout online.

Once you complete your purchase, you will receive an email from one of our Account Managers at WEDOHYPE, to schedule a kickoff call.

02. Kickoff Call

On our call we will go through your business needs and goals and answer some really important questions. We will also establish the timeline.

Structure & Messaging

03. Wireframe Design

Our team will begin designing the wireframe (think of it as a blueprint) based on our plan and your end goal.

04. Copywriting

Our copywriters will craft the messages which will educate your customers and explain to them how your product or service works. Once these are finished, we will send them to you for approval.


05. UI/UX Design

Our designers, based on the wireframe, will bring your landing page to life after 3-5 business days.

06. UI Design Approval

Once the file is ready, we will send you an Adobe XD file containing your mobile & desktop design for approval. If you have any changes, we will apply them and then proceed.


07. LP Development

Once the design is approved our team will start developing your landing page and prepare it for marketing (optimize it, add pixels, make it fast etc.).

08. Start advertising!

Once the landing page is ready you can turn on your ads and start driving traffic!

Take a look at

our Results

Decreased CPA by 30%​

Increased lead submissions by 200%

Increased conversion rate by 90%

Here’s why you need landing pages

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Start Today!

Our process includes Ideation & Concept, Wireframe (UX), Copywriting, UI Design, and Development for both mobile and desktop

Silver Package
1 Landing Page

per page

Great for Brands who:


Gold Package
3 Landing Pages

Save $600

per page

Great for Brands who:


Platinum Package
5 Landing Pages

Save $2.500

per page

Great for Brands who:


What happens after you purchase your package:

If you have any pre-sale questions please email us at [email protected]



We achieved:

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We achieved:


Conversion Rate


Decrease in customer acquistion cost

Why choose WEDOHYPE

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We help you sell online profitably

Our team knows exactly how to increase your Conversion Rate through implementing funnels & creating personalized upsells / cross sells. We know that Revenue is just a flex and all that matters is Profit.

We decrease your advertising costs

Having a high converting website will drop your marketing spend on Meta, TikTok or Google down to -50%. So you are literally getting twice as many customers for the same marketing spend (this means half the cost to acquire a customer)

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Landing Pages for Ecommerce Stores 10

You have a fast landing page that works 24/7

We’ll handle EVERYTHING for you – so you can get on with the bigger business picture. We know it can be really challenging (and time-consuming!) to plan out the sitemap, prepare the copies, design the pages and develop an excellent website, so leave that up to us and focus on your product.

Let's compare your options

Our websites are strategically designed to cater to an assortment of interests, channels, problems, and stages of the funnel to ultimately create a red-carpet experience & convert any type of site visitor into a customer.



“Since WEDOHYPE team had a deep knowledge of ecommerce growth, it played a huge role as the experience enabled them to create a landing page for me that was optimized to sell my products online.”
Jamie K.
Founder of LUXMII
“I recommend WEDOHYPE to every founder. They designed and built my landing page in a way that prioritized for conversions, sales started rolling in pretty much as soon as we launched ads.”
Dimitris L.
Founder of Exelix
“Plain and simple, their landing pages helped us lower our CPA by 40% and educate our users”
Petros S.
CEO & Founder of Ellinopoula

We’ve built landing pages
for these awesome brands:

FAQs 🤔

Our current offer is $1.300 for a single Landing Page, down from $1.500. Of course if you choose to buy more, we have a discount. 

We use WordPress with Elementor to build you a lighting-fast Landing page.

If you spend a decent amount per month in paid traffic, you’re a candidate! If you sell a high AOV product, a product with a high barrier to entry, or you want more leads for your service you’ll greatly benefit from our landing pages.

Yes! We place any and all tracking pixels, or even just a Google Tag Container. This allows all ad platforms to still ingest data from the landing page, and optimize its own algorithms without a loss in data.

Your goal with landing pages isn’t just to shorten the conversion journey, but it’s also to personalize that experience. If you just edit a homepage and settle for that, you’re still just messaging one way, versus speaking to different benefits based on different traffic sources.

It’s not easy to answer this question because every brand and consumer market is different. On average, we see at least a 20% drop in CPA.

Yes, we’ll design your landing page with your brand’s look and feel in mind. After we analyze your brand guidelines and the current website and we implement the coherent style that is familiar to your customers.

Yes we do. We have a dedicated team working on maintaining your website 24/7 with support. Our hosting server is monitored and updated daily to ensure speed and security are maintained at high levels.

No, we only focus on crafting the perfect landing page for your product or service. However we have a large experience (since we have our own stores) and an internal team that is handling our ads so we can educate you via 1-to-1 personalised consulting.