A Revamped Website which increased the Conversion Rate by 200%

LUXMI is an Australian born eco-luxury womenswear and lifestyle brand creating timeless essentials made sustainability from premium certified linen.


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LUXMII has a very steady growth month after month and expanding to new countries. It has gained the trust of women who prefer linen clothing especially during the warmer months.

Due to the increase of advertising costs on the big media platforms such as Facebook & Google, we knew that it wasn’t solely the ads’ issue. We knew it was more than that. The website was lacking a lot of useful information and modern UI in order to increase sales.

So the owner, understanding that, asked us to perform a Conversion Rate Optimization and improve every aspect of the website.


In order to perform a proper CRO audit we had to analyze the underperforming pages and add sections that would help the visitor make a quicker decision to buy.

The most important parts we discovered were:

  • Too many colours of the CTA buttons that were confusing visitors
  • No Size Guide in the product page to help people find their best fit
  • Very simple product page with basic information
  • Old UI design based on a simple Shopify template
  • There were too many secondary pages in the main menu
  • Lack of filters in the Collection page
  • Lack of Colour Selection in the Product Page
  • Lack of Reviews in the Product Page
  • Lack of Cross-Sell functionality in the Product Page
  • Lack of FAQs
  • Lack of  an “Add to Wishlist” button even though we know how women love to add these in a list


The Conversion Rate & AOV before improving the website:


So once we started getting our hands on it we decided that we should begin with the “money-making” page, the Product Page.


Optimizing the Product Page

  • Benefits & USPs: the benefits of linen clothes and the recyclable & environmentally friendly material should have been clearly explained much better and perhaps more visually.
  • Reviews from customers: we used the Stamped app which takes over the entire process of collecting and displaying the reviews & testimonials on the product page.
  • Cross-Sell functionality: to be able to increase our AOV we designed a cross-sell section to offer customers recommended products that match their selection.
  • FAQs: We noticed that we were receiving quite a few emails with some patterns. Well, we have displayed the most common questions with their answers in a nice and simple section to erase any doubts before the purchase.
  • Size Guide: a seemingly simple feature that ultimately plays a major role in fashion brands! We implemented size guides in cm & inches for each product separately (yes you read that right). So once again the buyer had no doubts about the size either!


So the product page transformed into this:



Optimizing the Collection Page

  • Filters: Certainly filters are a very important function for those who search and wish to customize their search. So in the sidebar visitors can filter by:
    • Price
    • Type (Dress, Pants, etc.)
    • Size
  • Cover: Easy-tor-read title and short description to briefly explain what the customer will see below.
  • Description: Although aesthetically we can’t say that it adds anything beyond explaining some details about the collection, given the SEO strategy we added a section in order to be able to rank for some keywords that emerged.


So the category page transformed into this:



Optimizing the Homepage

Although the home page is not a sales page and not as close to the checkout as the product page, we decided to do a total revamp by adding important details. So as a “showcase” we decided to include:

  • Intro: so simple but nobody implements it. We added a very short sentence explaining what Luxmii is and what it sells.
  • Best Sellers: A beautiful and easy-to-use carousel with the best sellers of the month in order to increase sales.
  • Brand info: A more detailed introduction to the Brand with links to internal pages that explain the philosophy, the materials and the partners. We considered it would be nice to mention some facts about the material and its benefits to the environment.
  • Reviews from customers: Sure, reviews help on the product page, but why not on the homepage? Reviews are social proof and are able to boost sales along the entire length of the funnel.


Finally, the home page looks like this:


By applying the above we managed to get these results:


  • Conversion Rate Increase from 0.71% to 2.37%
  • AOV increase from $215 to $308
  • Increase in 2+ items orders: The percentage of people who bought 2+ items jumped from 20% to 45%


Of course as a result of the above there was a normal increase in profit and ROAS.

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