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A modern and fast news portal in Greece

WHAT IS The Standard

A new entry in the family of news portals based in Greece. The team behind TheStandard is a group of professional journalists & content writers that have a very straightforward goal: informing and engaging users with quality content.

What the team needed is a solid fast website that can load articles and images in under a second. And it makes sense, who wants to wait in order to read?

Apart from that, the biggest challenge is having a unique and totally impressive design. With all that much competition out there, you have to stand out if you want people to remember you. Colors, Fonts and of course the Logo needed to be researched and well thought out.


A fast website that loads in under 1”!

The strategy needed for growing traffic is mainly based on SEO. And SEO is basically based on:

  • Technical Optimisations (Speed, Security, Sitemap, Internal Linking etc.)
  • Content (Keyword Research, On-Page Optimization, Proper Writing etc.)
  • Link Building & PR (Sharing, Collaborations etc.)


TheStandard has been built with SEO in mind. Fast, responsive, readable format, mobile friendly and based on a rock-solid SEO Strategy. Meaningful keywords, proper link building and on-point technical implementations to rank higher in Google.

What we had in mind when building the website was to inform the visitors with the best experience possible. That’s why we emphasized on:

  • Amazing design that captures visitors
  • Lightning-fast speed to increase performance and engagement
  • Briefing the team on how to produce SEO content

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